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The goal of our team is to help and assist running and sports addicts to choose the right running or other athletic footwear and apparel, to help with other issues regarding coaching, nutrition, the health and the overall healthy lifestyle. 


In terms of diet, fitness, nutrition building internal (core) muscles, an especially important for runners and triathletes, we cooperate with experts from LifeGym Fitness studio:

Adrián Mrva - 0905/510 093 fit4life.sk

  • comprehensive nutrition, training and psychological counseling in reducing body fat and muscle mass building
  • compilation of menus according to metabolic type, blood group and so on.
  • measurement of subcutaneous fat %
  • consultations and lectures on nutrition

Slávka Fronková - 0915/170 137

  • exercises for women during pregnancy
  • reinforcing training for women after childbirth
  • fitness training
  • change in eating habits of children and adults

Health / Nutrition

In the area of ​​health, working with experts from Skenarterapie and Traumatology:

MVDr. Niké Mozsnyák - 0911 / 897 377

  • preventive medicine
  • regeneration, reconditioning muscle problems and injuries
  • inflammatory conditions, chronic pain
  • oxygen therapy
  • nutrition advisor Berry-En

MUDr. Patrik Javorčík 

  • traumatology specialist
  • acute and chronic musculoskeletal injury problems - joints, knees, shoulders etc.


Peter Mozsnyák

About me:  In my youth I was part of track & fields team, where I run shorter distances from 200 to 400 meters and also took some international competition for sports school team. Sport has since remained my hobby, in various forms, such as running, soccer, skiing, bike, fitness, triathlon ... Today, I focus on running and triathlon (I'm qualified triathlon coach Class I) as my hobby, as is also this website as  I am fulfilling my cherished dream to have trade/shop with sporting goods. Based on my own running and sporting experience I am happy to help all those who stand for advice, but I also gladly learn from people who have more experience than myself. 

And for all those who are not decided yet for running, just one advice - no matter how fast I run, it is always faster than my sofa ...

I wish to all visitors of our website a lot of running and sporting kilometers without injury and enjoy shopping.