Biomechanics of the foot - pronation and supination

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Biomechanics of the foot - pronation and supination

Biomechanics of movement of each individual and his way of running is different. Your foot while running done countless actions to support, corrects, balances and reduces the entire musculoskeletal system.

Before you choose the appropriate type of running shoes you should know the type of your feet to avoid inconvenience in prolonged use of the footwear which, while you sat in trying, but do not meet your needs and biomechanics of the body.

Lateral movement of the foot and ankle, which is generated by running for effective cushioning, is associated with the rotation of the foot itself, and divided them by direction:

  • an inward movement  called pronation - at the moment of contact with the ground foot goes more to the inner side, so the shoe is more weared inside. It occurs in runners with flat feet or legs to X. Most runners tend to "PRONATION", light pronation is natural and allows better absorption of impact energy. To eliminate the negative effects and possible injuries are advised supportive running shoes (stability) or shoe inserts for peace.
  • the movement towards the outside, called supination - most commonly occurs in runners with high arches, the shoe is more weared from the outside. Special shoes for supination is not produced, it is uncommon and walking right up to it to some extent requires

When selected the wrong running shoes may have excessive pronation or supination impact on the emergence or worsening of your injuries.