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How does running affect our health?

Athletes and non-athletes, all of us still recall how the beneficial effects of the exercise itself and run for our body. Articles on blogs, social networks, animations, images or interviews with experts several minutes. We all day today we find a pile, but most of these claims are indeed true. Running is an excellent support so our bodies and overall health. Everything has its own "for" and "against", but fortunately run has only itself "for" and today we would like to bring some benefits



Full of energy Avocado sandwich

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The 7 biggest mistakes we make after running

We can say that the industry nutrition for athletes is in bloom. There is therefore no surprise that the advertising for different foods or beverages that have to recharge your energy after a workout  leap from every corner - from television, magazines, the internet ...

Rob Danoff doctor from Philadelphia specializing in sports medicine, but warns that not after every workout must immediately replenish the nutrients your body.

Danoff says, "People ask me whether we need to fill the energy right after the exercise. The answer that I give them is not. Especially in those cases where they did only light training such a yoga or a short running - in such cases the body really does not need much complementary. "

"However if the exercise is the first thing you did at the morning before the breakfast, of course, you should eat something. On the other side if you eat four-six hours before workout it is not necessary to supplement the nutrients immediately after the training. " 

Regarding sports drinks and bars they are great for more than an hour of intense exercise but for most of us after training there is enough eat only a few pieces of celery or a banana and drink a lot of water.

What about other mistakes we do after training? Read on!