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Ergonomics and design

Years of hard work to make us understand the individual needs of elite athletes and "amateurs". We study their movement patterns for each part of the body measures the amount of sweat produced and heat. Our deep knowledge of how the body works during intense sport with us on the one hand give confidence in what we do, on the other hand, we find that nothing is eternal. Techniques for running, cycling, skiing, all evolves and changes. Similarly rapidly changing requirements of athletes to ergonomics and function of clothing. To meet these demands pushes us forward in the development of cutting-edge sportswear. Clothing, where functionality and modern design form a whole.

Each sport has different demands

As the foot moves in clipless bike? As Tim De Boom move during the last ten kilometers in the Hawaiian Iron Man's? As Jens-Arne Svartendahl, Alexander Legkov, Gjömle Ella and Charlotte Kalla train? And as Jens Byggmark passes first slalom goal? Answers to questions of this kind help us to define differences in the claims that put the individual sports. We know that the key to successful design example jersey for the cyclist's understanding of the relationship between the shoulders and hips, as well as the ratio between the back and chest. Equivalent to complete the cross-country track is then working arms, shoulders, hips and legs during the reflected when the skier forward.

Compressible materials

Recently, we can observe great progress in the development of compression substances and Craft has long been one of the drivers of this development. Our most advanced ingredients combine Meryl and Lycra, so we can achieve at each others clothes degree of compression, exactly as it should be. This makes our products help stabilize the joints moving, reduces shocks and facilitate muscle contraction, saving energy and increasing performance athletes.

Compression materials

We use in our Elite collection. Design Sporty cut, properly placed ventilation panels, seams and optimally used substances together form in addition to an attractive appearance and effective whole. Well chosen colors and designs of our products contribute to the well-being of athletes, which is no less important for performance. Our sportswear is characterized by great attention to detail. Design, design and materials create a perfect harmonious whole that you prepare for the challenging moments of athletic performance.


The basis for creating an optimum microclimate for the body of the athlete is correctly mapping potiacich zones. If we know where the athlete sweats the most, we can regulate the flow of air through the clothes directly to these places and to ensure that that body will not overheat. In cooperation with the German sports university in Cologne, we have compiled a detailed mapping tests blood flow and places that were heated in sports. The solution for the Sweaty area (e.g., under the arms and back) then becomes the ventilation panel and the lightweight materials, low density fabric.