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100 Miles in White Carpathians-The Black Knight 138km/+ 4750m

First detailed report by Tomáš Dovala :-) 

Na začiatok musím povedať, že som 100mkmk tento rok nemal vôbec vo svojom pláne pretekov a august bol plánovaný skôr ako oddychový mesiac. Popravde ma táto akcia s dlhými traťami v Malých Karpatoch nejako nezaujala , keďže je to stále a pravidelné miesto mojich tréningov a nočné štarty veľmi neobľubujem. Prvá myšlienka zúčastniť sa ho vznikla vďaka Sebimu , ktorému som sa ponúkol ako pacer. Začal som viac študovať trasy a nakoniec som neodolal a na začiatku augusta som vykonal registráciu na trasu C: The Black Knight (138 km / +4750 m). Dĺžkovo zatiaľ to najdlhšie na čo som sa prihlásil a odbehol. 


GrossGlockner UltraTrail - 50km/2.000m

GrossGlockner UltraTrail aka GGUT je najväčšie ultratrailové podujatie v Rakúsku, v tomto roku bol možný výber až zo 4 rôznych trás - 30km/1.000m, 50km/2.000m, 75km/4.000m a kráľovská 110km/6.500m (tu bola možnosť bežať to aj ako štafetu o 2 ľuďoch). Nová bola trať na 75km, ktorá sa bežala prvýkrát.

Ja som si vzhľadom k absencii dlhodobejšieho tréningu a nastaveniu mysle (bežím iba od mrku do mrku) zvolil 50-ku, to by malo byť v pohode. Ale pekne po poriadku.


Marathon of Turiec Slovakia

Here Krake summation of Sunday pobehania mountain marathon Turks (42 km / 1800 m). Login we were together with Tomas, faithful to runners RunningPro, who took it as a training / preparing for UltraFatru and promised that I will pacov and run along away, when I will bear chase ... and I had of him was joking that only that when that my pace has hardened veteran, but it has mastered bravely  . 

Low Tatras´ fighter-8th year


This spring and summer are literally packed with great cross country events and we RunningPro is really looking forward to it. Today we would like to bring some information about the Low fighter jet, which will this year take place for the ninth time, if we add the zero grade.


The nonstop run through the ridge of the Low Tatras

STEFANIK TRAIL race, which took place a week ago, are still phasing out of our minds and legs. Today we bring you another challenge of workshops running events. NON-STOP running ridge of Low Tatras (NSBHNT) is more beautiful race like STEFANIK TRAIL. On NSBHNT athletes waiting for the official 46.5 km (unofficially 49 km) and almost 2,200 meters of altitude.



For those who know exactly what they are talking, let this event a little approximate. For that during the strong story that catches many a heart for a Slovak or Czech. Run STEFANIK TRAIL is held in honor, respectively. MR waiver honors for courage, fighting spirit, and painful march on the path to save his own life.


What is Run and Fun?

The full name of this run is Volkswagen Slovakia Run and Fun - this year was held for the sixth year. It is the largest relay race in Slovakia.

For participants it is a choice of 5 different runs, which can be registered as follows:

  • Royal relay (3 x 8 km)
  • Ladies štafeta (3 x 4km)
  • Hobby štafeta (3 x 4km)
  • Baby relay (3 x 250 m)
  • Baby relay (3 x 600 m)

The registration can be done both online and on the ground at 05.20 13:00. It should always bear in mind that the sooner you register, the more advantageous is the height of your entry fee!



What is Wings for Life run?

This year will again run to help just those who can not run. Therefore carries a significant title - Wings for Life run. This run will be attended by a number of celebrities from Slovakia, but also many "ordinary" people who just love running and want your passions and help someone. Among the well-known ambassadors include, for example Matej "Saif" Cifra, a popular YouTuber Gogo, Ivan Jakeš (who will sit in the car Catcher - more on this car you can read below), Adam Zampa Jakub Grigar, Filip Tůma and many more ...


Sulovske skaly run

Sulovske skaly race

At the request of comrades from yesterday's beautiful and well organized run Rocks Sulovske up and down in the Kosice Marathon decided to write a short report and on the run.
The idea to participate in 1.year gave me mates Tomas with May at our meeting in Bratislava, who were already well with another sidekick Dusan log in to this race. Despite the fact that I've been on the weekend registered at Salomon City Trail (finally been organizers canceled), I was after reading the propositions and watching Trias decided to go with them 24km, try the on the body after the marathon say, enjoy the party and beautiful nature.


Why to run a race

Running race

In this article I would like to share with my experience, why go on cross-country race, as many of us scurry only for pleasure and race are either unable to take the plunge, or even tried.

There are several good reasons to sign up for the race.

Race training as part of the key objectives of the season

Establish key objectives (eg. I want to run under 4 hours MMM) you want to reach the nearest half a year or a year (it suits everyone else) and plan other events as part of the training process, how to work towards that goal. Divided into small, all the other races should have their meaning in preparation for the main race. At all events it is important to set the milestones of the race, for example - to run evenly throughout the race at a certain pace in a certain heart rate / pulse rate, go the first half of the race freely and then pull the switch fully to the finish or just easily a workout and enjoy beautiful track. Of course, each objective should be measurable, achievable and specific enough. Operational it must be adapted to the current conditions of the race does not make sense to run about ten winter on the border PB when half the icy routes ...


Preliminary plan of running races for the new season 2016


základom každej bežeckej sezóny a tréningového plánu je si naplánovať športový rok a hlavné ciele sezóny.

Mne už teraz v prechodnom období, keď tréningu nie je tak veľa, vŕtajú v hlave aktivity, ktoré by sme mohli spoločne absolvovať. Predbežná kostra tých väčších pretekov v roku 2016 sa začína rysovať a mohla by vyzerať asi takto:


Kosice Marathon for piece 2015

This year was my second marathon in the life of the main objective of the sports season, as I am after knee surgery in the spring of 2014, almost all did not train so the marathon served as a test, or knee can withstand such training load and the actual race in which gets the whole body properly in the body.