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What to wear in winter time

The right clothes in the winter is especially important if you are going for a long run or unfamiliar environment. Jogging is amazing that we can do all year round, no matter how disguised weather. However, if we take our running all year and especially in winter, in addition to mental strength, we also need the right clothes, so we are left somewhere far from home with no possibility other than for their own transport, the frozen icicle.


Dress up for the the colder autumn days

We have a fall and with it the colder weather. Personally lower temperature limits over hot summer, but not everyone can be rainy or damp morning fog pleasant. If, despite the short day was not idle, and their plan purged kamošky sneakers, it is important to be properly dressed. 


Running shoe- types

Running shoes or for someone sneakers for running, or just sneakers can be divided except men's and women shoe into several categories according to various criteria.

Types of running shoes

According to the type of surface on which I run, we divide running shoes on:


Functional underwear, thermal underwear

Functional underwear / thermal underwear

Why thermal underwear

The sportsman-runner during his performance except itself produces energy for working muscles and excess energy, which the body is heated. The challenging race, the track at a faster rate, the more heat is produced. To the body from overheating, it must be through the skin cooling, which is exacerbated in hot summer weather, when sweat evaporates poorly and heat from the body surface drain poorly. In winter it is a bit better, but he was even heated. For the proper functioning of the body thermoregulation We must try to keep the skin surface dry with constant access of air and perspiration and water vapor in the cold season but also a little help in maintaining body heat. And it serves thermo.



Running clothes selection - functionality and materials

At present, we can meet the wide range of running clothing, which in addition to the appearance and visual impression differs mainly by its functional properties, such as: different materials used in the manufacture, vent area, reflective strips, padded space, seamless design, compression functionality - which is always reflected on the final price. Let's look at a glance the materials used in the production of running clothing:


The right selection of running shoes

The most important question every runner in front of himself during is choosing the right running shoes and running clothing.

Today, manufacturers of sports footwear manufacturing various types and models of sneakers for running, so that as much as possible adapt biomechanics individuals i.e. that the running shoe comfort, improved movement and especially protect the injury.

Each of us is different and load stress exerted on our feet and knees (joints, bones, tendons) while jogging, likely, if incorrectly choosing running shoes lead to injury, which is probably the biggest enemy runners.


The right size of your running shoes

How to choose the right size of your running shoes.

Some useful tips:

The feet will grow bigger with age, so it can happen that you are suddenly size you are buying for years, a little.
Continuously to measure the length of your feet.
Running shoes buy about half to one number larger than the length of your feet or your regular shoe size.
Your right hand and the left foot can have different lengths. Choose always prolonged by foot.
Do not measure your feet in the morning, they do tend to swell depending on daily activity and temperature.
Women feet may grow during pregnancy and after pregnancy.
Give your time to your feet to get accustomed to the new shoes - chodievajte them some time at home.
The golden rule in running shoes says that if you have printed in the living room and on the road or in the field will be printed on 100% - prefer to run to the running shoe that is slightly larger than the worry in small shoes.

Measurement of your foot size:

The most accurate measurement is achieved when your feet measured on the end of the day, since feet swell during the day.
The wall of a place the paper on the floor, so that its edge rests against the wall.
Place the paper so that the foot is directed perpendicularly to the wall and the heel was leaning against the wall.
On paper, a note of the longest point of the foot (usually the thumb).
Measure the length of the perpendicular from the edge of the paper along a longest mark places on foot.
Measurements should be the bare foot to foot or in thin socks.
The measured data assignable 5 mm (0.5 cm), and the results, select the corresponding size.
In case you are between two sizes, choose the larger size.


Biomechanics of the foot - pronation and supination

Biomechanics of movement of each individual and his way of running is different. Your foot while running done countless actions to support, corrects, balances and reduces the entire musculoskeletal system.

Before you choose the appropriate type of running shoes you should know the type of your feet to avoid inconvenience in prolonged use of the footwear which, while you sat in trying, but do not meet your needs and biomechanics of the body.

Lateral movement of the foot and ankle, which is generated by running for effective cushioning, is associated with the rotation of the foot itself, and divided them by direction:


Running socks

A few practical tips when choosing a running socks:

- High-quality socks a distribution for the right and left leg, which is a noticeable difference in comfort and better utilization of special zones (eg. For strengthening the ankle, Achilles heel, etc.).
- When selecting the size on the border rather vote for a smaller size, since the materials are elastic and socks will be a great hold - on a bigger sock would not sit on the heel and ankle and functional areas you would have been useless
- Do not forget to temperature class - essentially regardless of the thickness of the socks, but the material used and the resulting temperature class, which determines the warmth (temperature classes: A summer, universal B, C and D for the winter Siberia)
- Convenient and useful material is bamboo - it provides a natural antibacterial protection unlike cotton
- If you need while running in part to strengthen the ankle, but the bandage is not necessary, then you will appreciate the fixation socks
- To alleviate foot odor in sweat, I recommend socks with silver fiber or aloe vera (aggressive but you smell it relieve ...)